Upper Rhondda Valley residents are taking a once-in-a-generation-opportunity to have their say on how the land around them is used.

As Welcome to Our Woods we’ve been engaging with the communities of Upper Rhondda Fawr for a decade and now, through local partnerships, are launching our Rhondda Skyline project. Skyline aims to give control over the mountains and woodlands surrounding the Upper Rhondda Fawr to the local residents through the founding of a Community Land Trust.

This Trust will secure the rights to the land and allow local people to decide how it is used. From harvesting local timber to growing local food – the possibilities are endless!

The direction of this project is up to the people of the Upper Rhondda Fawr, those living and working there and those that hope to return one day. We are currently working out how to make decisions together and how to put those plans into action. Please share any thinking that you have and get involved as much or as little as you have time for. This site is one of the ways we’re providing information about the process so far.

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Our land. Our resources. Our past. Our future.